3 Poems by Debbie Henderson:

Maundy Thursday

Cool air fluttering against the nape

as dying leaves blazed in

Autumn canopies of rustling

Swirling waves ...


twelve men follow their Rabbi

along dry stone paths,

resting along grassy banks

in awe as he spoke ...


as bursting buds spring forth

crowds flock - hope shadowed by

Pharisaic envy - greed

weaves a lurid web ...


a gentle breeze of unity

within a shared meal

blighted by shadows of

stark reality - of destiny ..


as evening draws close

hostile rage - betrayal

from the cloisters trail

a Suffering servant

toward a Calvary Cross.

(Debbie Henderson)



Sleeping in the dead of night

Poets swayed to lie awake

for in the shadows deep

the silence speaks

of one who from death was raised ...


The soul from within the tomb

betrayed by Judas kiss

defied the Cross - the Nails

mere mortals to save

from darkest days.


The Crown of Thorns pierced

each bitter spiteful thought

the sword pierced through

each cold stone heart

the scar of Eve departs.


Hell’s fury ... Flaming fire

burning through in battle sod

to torture all who in God’s name

defying evil, the path of Calvary claim

the soul in destiny raised.

(Debbie Henderson)


Asylum Seekers

Tortured and worn, driven and torn,

forced to flee, far from home.

Havens destroyed, possessions gone,

their minds, imaginations soiled.


Horrific images still within

eyes sunken, afraid to sing.

Inhuman experiences forever more

blight the lives of so many souls.


Once on our shores racist taunts

of scrounging and benefit fraud,

Vouchers introduced to staunch the claims

demeaning and dispirited, we inflict shame.


Woe for our hearts made of stone

closed to the stranger who shares our home -

suffering stares from empty eyes

bedraggled and forgotten one.


For there stands the Lord before our eyes

No stranger, not distant, but at our side -

he lives forsaken in humankind

his Spirit within glorified.

Debbie Henderson.

( This Poem was printed in An  Anthology of Poems by Bridal way press in 2002)