SBC Policy on Photographs, Video and Audio recordings

Stocksfield Baptist Church Policy on Photographs, Video and Audio Recordings

  • Stocksfield Baptist Church has a policy of assumed consent for photographs and other recorded images, rather than requiring individual consent forms to be signed.  This applies to adults, children and young people.  We display notices in public areas of the building stating that at various events video/audio/photographic recordings may be taken.  Events include but are not limited to: services, church events, housegroups, lighthouse and red banana meetings.
  • These recordings may be used on display boards around the building, the church website, church social media, in church publicity material and in the press.
  • SBC respects individuals’ choice to be excluded from photographs, including parents’/carers’ choice for children and young people. We will therefore take and maintain a register of those who choose to be excluded from such recordings (whether from all types or only from selected uses e.g. website and social media), and will publicise this option both on the notices regarding assumed consent, and on appropriate occasions e.g. in publicity for major events. On any occasion when formal/posed church photographs are taken people will be given the opportunity at that time to choose to be excluded.
  • Photographs will be taken sensitively and with courtesy.  Anyone, including children and young people, will be allowed to refuse to be in any photograph if they choose so.
  • When photographs or other visual recordings are displayed or published, children and young people should not be identified by name, and the names of individual children should not be inferable from any accompanying caption or story.  Exceptions can be made in circumstances where individuals and their parents give express consent for names to be included.
  • Copies of photographs and other recordings should not be distributed to individuals or in locations other than those stated in this policy.  Recordings placed on official church social media pages or the church website should not be distributed or copied elsewhere.
  • The church does not seek to control what individual members post on their own social media pages but does ask everyone to be sensitive to the wishes of others,  particularly, but not exclusively, relating to anyone whose name is on the ‘opt out’ list.
  • Holiday club consent forms will include a specific consent for photographs to be taken for church/publicity use, with no names cited, as parents of children attending may not be aware of the policy of assumed consent.