Big Questions -Any Answers


Big Questions – Any Answers? was a series of talks arranged for the Tyne Valley area, in which leading scientists who are Christians tackled some of today's big scientific issues and what the Christian faith has to say about them.

Generous funding from an international charity meant that we attracted world recognised experts as speakers and held the talks in convenient venues around the area; free for anyone to attend.  This was a rare opportunity. 

The talks were intended for a general audience.  No scientific expertise or training was needed, and no particular attitude to religion was assumed.  Everyone was welcome, with opportunities for questions and discussion. 

The second series of 5 talks took place on weekday evenings between September and October 2017, and featured scientists from Cambridge and Southhampton Universities.

We hoped that people would find it interesting and informative, and maybe even challenging and inspiring! Feedback suggested we achieved this and we are now considering where we go from here - watch this space!