Alpha makes space to ask and seek answers to questions we all ask from time to time about life. Where do we come from? Why do some people seem really bad? Who was Jesus, and why did he have to die? What's so special about the Bible? Is there a heaven and a hell? Most of the time life is busy and we don't get time to ask these questions; surely it's better to just eat, drink and be merry? Sometimes big changes in life (e.g. births/deaths/marriages)or other unexpected events disturb our well planned existence and we find we need some answers.

Alpha is an internationally popular short course designed to give anyone space to look into these things for themselves. Week one starts with a meal and course outline so you can meet the people and see if it's for you. Then each week tea/coffee and cakes leads into our topic. Over 8-10 sessions, short presentations are followed by discussion. Any and all questions are fine. No-one will tell you what to think, or look down on different views. We often use the phrase "a Christian would say..." or "the Bible points to...."

So Alpha is a start, a beginning. You choose how far to go on the journey, but do come and at least find out what Christians actually believe! Forget the God you don't believe in; come and meet the God who believes in you!

Please send an email to if you are interested in attending a future course in our church. For more information on the Alpha course you can also click here.