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Posted 19.09.20

Here is the link to our NBA Worship Service for this Sunday 20th September. Either click on this link NBA Worship Service 20th September 2020 or

We are delighted to welcome friends from other European Churches and to hear of the work of the European Baptist Federation. Taking part are Helle Licht (Estonia), Dana Podriabinkina-KalytienÄ— (Lithuania), Cesar Sotomayor (Austria), Tony Peck, Elaine Webster, Tony Ruddle, Paul Revill and John Claydon.

In whatever way you worship this weekend may you know Christ's enriching love and power.

Posted 12.09.2020

On Sunday evening 13th September Red Bananas will start to meet again.  Please contact the RB leaders for more infornmation.

Posted 11.09.2020


Unfortunately the Church weekend in November has had to be cancelled for this year, due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Those church folk who have already paid up will be refunded shortly. We have moved our Bassenfell deposit over for 2021.   Hopefully we will by then be Virus free!

Posted 08.09.2020

The NBA are delighted to be able to host Ruth Rice, who has pioneered the Renew Wellbeing cafe movement, reading a webinar for NBA churches.  Details are on the attached flyer.


Some of us had the opportunity to meet Ruth when she visited the region at the beginning of the year, and this is a follow-up gathering for those churches which are already on interested in opening a renew wellbeing cafe, as well as for those who would like to find out about the renew wellbeing cafes for the first time.


After this session Renew Wellbeing will be able to offer 3 further free training sessions for churches to help themselves to, from the renew wellbeing website and to work through in their own time. This then leads to a zoom meeting with one of the renew wellbeing team so that the church can get signed up and get going. 


Posted 07.09.2020


Baptist Assembly Online 2020 

Our preparations are well underway for our online Assembly at 7pm on Wednesday 16 September.  We hope you will be able to join us for this key event for the Baptist family.   

The online Assembly is an opportunity to hear about and pray for the work of Baptists Together, including the presentation of The Annual Report for 2019, updates provided on our work so far in 2020 and our plans for the future.

We will also cover some topics required under our constitution, including the affirmation of the appointment of the Treasurer and the Moderator of the Trustee Board.

For more details, including how to register, please go to:




Posted 05.09.2020

Church Family Meeting Wednesday 23rd September

We'll be joining together as a church family to worship, pray, discuss and decide various matters, including proposals to return to Sunday worship in the church building.


As trustees, the leadership team have a legal, and spiritual/moral responsibility to ensure that all users of the building are safe and also ensure the safety of others by not spreading C-19. We hope that a combination of both practical arrangements and prayer will enable us to open safely, although in a very differnet way.


Prayer Requests

Remember to log in to the Members Area for updated Prayer requests.  If you cannot rember your log in name contact Lynne Frost for your log in Name. You can then reset your password on the website.  Lynne does not have access to anyones passwords.


 Sunday gatherings:  Every Sunday morning at 10.00am.  Via Zoom.  All Welcome (posted 04.04.20)    (Meeting ID: 220 557 344)

Mobile call in: 02080806591  

Landline call in: 0203 481 5240, 0208 080 6591,  0208 080 65920330 088 58300131 460 1196 


Posted 3.4.20  Remember to log in to the members area to access the prayer page.  If you cannot remember your user name, contact Lynne.  She will give you the user name and then you can log in like any other website.  If you cannot remember your password, go to "forgot password".  Lynne does  NOT have access to your passwords!


Sermon Recordings are all available on the website.


Friday morning prayers for Prudhoe and the Tyne Valley (posted 27/03/20)

I've shared a few times about the encouraging ecumenical prayer group that meets every Friday morning at 8.30 am to pray for Prudhoe and the Tyne valley. This is now meeitng on-line via Zoom, coordinated by Paul Revill. If you are now at home on Friday mornings and would like to join us, pass your email adress to Paul and he'll put you on the circulation list!


Poem by Debby Henderson (posted 19/03/20)

Debby felt this was inspired by the Lord and is posted here to encourage us!

A Pandemic has hit our lands,
People are worried, Scarred with fear,
Many will die, the pain of loved ones so dear.

But amidst the darkness a light appears!

Can we see the Love of all he teaches?
The beauty as he lingers near.
The world must change!
Love must be pure!
Our lives belong to him.

Death is but a new beginning
to be with the Lord above.
Our destiny from birth
If we live his truth.

Please see the Church Policies Page for updated Covid-19 Communication 17.03.2020. We will be adding much more news over the coming days.

We want to keep all channels of communication open in this difficult time and Pete is in numerous discucussions on how we can use Skype, Zoom etc to meet together while social distancing at home!  More information will be released as decisions are made and prayerfully considered.

We are setting up a prayer page in the members area with info on members of our congregation with the Covoid-19 virus or other significant illnesses. For obvious reasons this cannot be on the public part of the site, but will enable all of us to pray for each other (if you have forgotten your log In details, Lynne can give you your Username so you can reset your password on the front page of the website).

When self-isolating or social distancing it is good to have a strategy for each day, and not give in to binge watching Netflix!  This is an opportunity to use our time well and invest in our spiritual lives. Some ideas:

1. Invest in God's Word and your Prayer life.

2. Telephone people (yes old fashioned, but is is good to hear people's voices).

3. Have a daily routine and put structure in to your life

4. Incorporate a daily walk to keep fit and get fresh air.  (Keeping away from other people of course)

5. Use Social Media to honour God and see who we can reach out to in this time.  We see many photos of empty shelves and false news, so  let us flood social media with photos which show good things and news that may be balm to the soul.