If you have anything you would like added to the news page, please send to Lynne or Pete.

Posted 3.4.2020  Remember to log in to the members area to access the prayer page.  If you cannot remember your user name, contact Lynne.  She will give you the user name and then you can log in like any other website.  If you cannot remember your password, go to "forgot password".  Lynne does  NOT have access to your passwords!

Daily Prayer time 8.30am Posted 31.03.2020

Invitation by St Mary Magdelene's to share with them.  St Mary Mags do not wish the zoom details to be publicised to the public.  So will add this to the members area only. Do join if you wish and also for Friday morning prayer as usual.

LENT PRAYER (posted 31.03.2020)

This will take place on Thursday 2nd April at 20.00pm.  This will be led by Tim Knight and he will be holding a "Zoom" meeting.  This meeting will last approximately 45 minutes.  All Welcome.  Please click on the zoom inviation  to join in.   Join Zoom Meeting    Meeting ID: 650 145 4284

Reflection from Carmen Ward (posted 31.03.2020)

Carmen has been thinking (mostly in the middle of the night!!!!) that it would be really nice to have something visula/tangible which we had all contributed to, to remind us of how we got thorugh this "season" (once we are through).  She has wondered if we could put together a collection of worship songs or passages from the bible, or prayers (with comments as to why we have chosen them) and make  some sort of  creative craft work?   If anyone has any ideas they would like to contribute, please send to Carmen or Lynne (email addresses  and phone numbers in the directory, who will co-ordinate the project.  All ideas gratefully received.

Stuck for something to do?  posted 31.03.2020

Why not get your creative juices flowing and make/knit items for the shoe boxes.  Hats & scarfs and cuddly animals etc.

Heddon on the Wall House group  (posted 31.03.2020) will meet Wednesday 1st April at 7.45pm via Zoom.  All welcome

Lighthouse meets once again! (posted 28/03/20)

Lighthouse will meet via "Zoom" at 3pm, but you are encouraged to join any time after 2.45 pm to settle in, chat and  make sure your vid/audio is working. 

Sunday Worship Together (posted 28/03/2020)

We will meet together at 10.00am on Sunday 29th March at 10.00am via Zoom (more info below).  A shortened sermon, prayer for Open Doors, encouragement by Pete and we shall be able to share and prayer together.

Sermon Recordings available for Sunday 29 March (posted 28/03/2020)

Video and audio versions of this Sunday's sermon on Romans 6:15-23, are now available under "Resources" on the church website.  A shortened version live in the Zoom session on Sunday.

Friday morning prayers for Prudhoe and the Tyne Valley (posted 27/03/20)

I've shared a few times about the encouraging ecumenical prayer group that meets every Friday morning at 8.30 am to pray for Prudhoe and the Tyne valley. This is now meeitng on-line via Zoom, coordinated by Paul Revill. If you are now at home on Friday mornings and would like to join us, pass your email adress to Paul and he'll put you on the circulation list!

Thought for the Day (posted 27/03/20)

I was sent an encouraging vid today. One of the themes was that in the C-crisis, we need to be "informed," but what is "forming" us? Are we more focused on the secular news than the word of God at this time? May I encourage you to read Psalm 1 and Psalm 91, reflect on them and be encouraged!

Plans for Lighthouse on-line (posted 27/03/20)

Kathy Clegg is talking with Lighhouse leaders about potential on-line resources for Lighthouse children. Watch this space!

Sunday mornings at SBC back up and running from this Sunday!! (posted 26/03/20) 

We will now we able to join together once again at 10am on Sunday mornings via "Zoom!" Zoom is free and easy to use, the host (me) sends you an email inviting you to worship, all you have to do is click on the link at the relevant time and you're in!

This Sunday we will have some some encouragements from me, some reflections from Bill Clegg on our passage for the day Romans 6:15-23 (full sermon available on the website soon) and prayer by John Rook on Open Doors. The beauty of Zoom is that we will also be able to share together and pray together.

To join together it's best for us to use a PC with webcam attached (stable and with an ethernet connection ensuring good connectivity to the net). Failing that a laptop or ipad sat near a router on wifi is fine. Smart phones are not great. I'll be sending round some Zoom training to the whole church so that we can all look at some vids to get clued up!  If you like a trial run I'll be doing one Saturday morning at 10am if you want to join me and check your vid/audio is working. I'll send out invites by email for the trail run at 10am Saturday and also our gathering at 10am Sunday.

Meeting on Sundays will look very different for the next 3-6 months and we should not be afraid of things not being perfect, especially at the start. Sunday will be a first attempt and we can develop things as we go! We are a church family making the best of a very difficult situation.  Look forward to seeing you all on Sunday.

Lent Prayer event Tonight Thursday 26th March (posted 26/03/20) 

Our prayer events continue, please go to the "Resources"  section of the website , open the "Lent Prayer" Folder and click on the link to acess the self-led material that Lisa & Phil Wildsmith have compiled. Many thanks to them for putting this together for us!

Tonights Baptist Family Prayer Broadcast:  (posted 25/03.2020)

Ken Benjamin and Lynne Green will be leading us in prayer this Wednesday evening 25.03.2020  at 7pm.  Ken has been reflecting on Paul’s prison letters and has been struck by the fact that despite everything Paul’s world was always wider than his walls.  Please join us to pray using the link below and share the link widely. 

Tonight's Baptist Family Prayer Broadcast (posted 22/03/20) and then can be found on the BU website.

Tonight Lynne Green spoke about how Jesus is the light of the world (John 8:12) and challenged us to think how we can be the light of the world (Mat 5:14) in these days.


Call to fast (posted 20/03/20)

We are encouraging as many of our people as possible to fast for one day next week from food and drink (bar water). This is a sacrificial act to seek the Lord together in challenging times and seek a move of His Spirit to defeat this virus.


Poem by Debby Henderson (posted 19/03/20)

Debby felt this was inspired by the Lord and is posted here to encourage us!

A Pandemic has hit our lands,
People are worried, Scarred with fear,
Many will die, the pain of loved ones so dear.

But amidst the darkness a light appears!

Can we see the Love of all he teaches?
The beauty as he lingers near.
The world must change!
Love must be pure!
Our lives belong to him.

Death is but a new beginning
to be with the Lord above.
Our destiny from birth
If we live his truth.

Day of Prayer 22nd March (posted 19/03/20)

At 7pm on Sunday this week (22nd March - Mother's Day) Churches Together England are asking us to hold a time of prayer and put a candle in a window, showing Jesus the light of the world as a beacon to our neighbours.  Also the Archbishop of Canterbury will be televising a service on Sunday morning.

First News Item (posted 18/03/020)

Please see the Church Policies Page for updated Covid-19 Communication 17.03.2020. We will be adding much more news over the coming days.

We want to keep all channels of communication open in this difficult time and Pete is in numerous discucussions on how we can use Skype, Zoom etc to meet together while social distancing at home!  More information will be released as decisions are made and prayerfully considered.

We are setting up a prayer page in the members area with info on members of our congregation with the Covoid-19 virus or other significant illnesses. For obvious reasons this cannot be on the public part of the site, but will enable all of us to pray for each other (if you have forgotten your log In details, Lynne can give you your Username so you can reset your password on the front page of the website).

When self-isolating or social distancing it is good to have a strategy for each day, and not give in to binge watching Netflix!  This is an opportunity to use our time well and invest in our spiritual lives. Some ideas:

1. Invest in God's Word and your Prayer life.

2. Telephone people (yes old fashioned, but is is good to hear people's voices).

3. Have a daily routine and put structure in to your life

4. Incorporate a daily walk to keep fit and get fresh air.  (Keeping away from other people of course)

5. Use Social Media to honour God and see who we can reach out to in this time.  We see many photos of empty shelves and false news, so  let us flood social media with photos which show good things and news that may be balm to the soul.