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Coming Up:   February 2021  

Tuesday 9th Feb at 8.00pm to 9.00pm: Church Prayer Meeting

Wednesday 10th Feb at 12.03pm:  Topping up the Tank - Short Lunchtime Prayer Meeting (weekly)

Thursday 11th Feb at 8.30pm: Pastoral Team Meeting

Sunday 14th February at 8.00pm to 8.45pm:  The Power of Prayer (weekly)

Wednesday 17th February at 12.30pm: Topping Up the Tank

Thursday 18th Feb at 8.00pm to 9.00pm:Leadership Team Prayer Meeting 8.00pm

Sunday 21st February at 8.00pm - The Power of Prayer

Wednesday 24th February at 12.30pm: Topping Up the Tank

Sunday 28th February at 8.00pm: The Power of Prayer

NBA -  Posted 3.2.21

As we enter a new month, we have another scheduled hour of prayer planned for Thursday evening, from 7pm. John Claydon will lead us, focussing around Psalm 23 and what it is to be led by our great shepherd at this time.

We will give space and time to listen and to share together what we feel God is saying.

The meeting will be held on zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 885 3868 9867 Passcode: 032598

You don't need to book in, just log in and join us.

Please find attached feedback from January's prayer gathering and also a flyer with the dates for this winter and spring season.  Click on the links below for more information

Prayer Gatherings                                Prayer Gathering Summary

From our Minister (Pete Jorysz)

As you know, the government has introduced a national lockdown, as C19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths increase rapidly. As part of this schools are closing and churches that had opened, have closed (e.g The Gate in Prudhoe). In addition Brexit issues and paperwork have held up our new PA delivery from Europe so our installation date for streaming equipment is unavoidably delayed by at least two weeks.

The leadership team met  to discuss this and agreed that regrettably, we are going to have to close the building as of today for the foreseable future. This means it will not be available for Sunday worship, access to Lighthouse/Red Bananas or housegroups. Sunday worship will continue by Zoom, although we will explore getting our youtube channel up and running and posting worship and sermon videos on it. We will continue to review the situation and open the building as soon as we can.

This is clearly very disappointing news as we had all been hoping that our trajectory as a country would remain forward not backwards. However God's plans and purposes to work in and through our church remain unchanged. Our plans remain the same and when the vaccine gets rolled out more fully and infection levels, hospitalisations and deaths drop, we can once again look towards opening up and streaming services.

Until that time we need to continue to make efforts to stay connected with one another; to love, encourage and support one another. We need to be especially aware of those who are living alone, ill, or vulnerable and anyone who is struggling. For those individuals and for those housgroups who were meeting in the building we can still ring each other, email/text, have doorstep conversations, go for a walk together (max two people) or meet together on Zoom. 

Let's keep praying for God to be at work in all ways in the pandemic, bringing healing to the nations and individuals, protecting people (especially key workers), and helping our government organise a successful rollout of the vaccine. We may be in the middle of Winter but Spring will come!

Regards Pete

Posted 10.01.2021

Please if you know anyone from our congregation who is not meeting with us on Zoom or are suffering from Mental Health Problems, Please inform the Pastoral Team and they will endeavour to make sure everyone is looked after and feels included and see how they can help.

Posted 10.01.2021

Message from John Claydon NBA to the Minister and Church Secretary.

Dear All, I apologise for writing to you again so soon, but it seemed appropriate to do so following the statement of our Prime Minister and of the new restrictions. You will notice that corporate worship is still permitted. Many, if not most of our churches had throughout the autumn began to meet together in person again. However, even before the announcement of the new restrictions I was already aware of a few that had stopped meeting in person and opted to worship and meet on-line. We should appreciate the work done by many in our churches in making our buildings covidsecure and say a big ‘thank you’ to them. However, there is increased risk and the new strain of the virus spreads more easily and it is important to note that while we are permitted to meet in worship it does not mean that we have to. We have discovered other ways of being in touch and engaging in worship and to use those means rather than meeting together is not a loss of faith, nor a going back, but a matter of treading this particular path with care, love, respect and honour. One of the concerns that has been expressed by other regional church leaders in the area is that whilst we work hard to make our church buildings safe our natural inclination for fellowship and conversation before and after times of worship is actually a risk and also not a good witness. It is good that we feel secure and ok in our buildings, it is not so good that we are then led into a false sense of security that we let our guard down in the way that we interact together. It is unfortunate to have to say it, but it seems that the best way of sticking and working together is to stay apart. We have discovered a variety of ways of engaging in worship, fellowship, mission and discipleship and have many good options, including an old-fashioned letter, card or phone card to those not able to use social media. It is important to be inclusive of all. So let us use all the options available to us as we seek God’s Kingdom and allow Christ to build His Church through us. God bless you

Posted 10.01.2021

John Claydon (NBA) is happy to commend this resource produced by the North Western Baptist Association. We are grateful to them for making this available.

Pray for our Health and Care Workers

As a New Year gets underway, the reality that many feared is becoming evident, as Covid-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate, and our health services are becoming increasingly stretched and challenged. While there is much we can do to play our part as responsible citizens in responding to this crisis, alongside this we issue a call across our churches to pray for those who care for us.

We commit to our prayers those within our communities whose lives have been lost, whose health has been harmed or who mourn the impact of this pandemic on those they love. As we recognise this tragic reality, it further underlines the vital role played by our healthcare services and our gratitude for their endeavours as we come together to pray for the wellbeing of all who work within them.

As we do so, we recognise the vital contribution being made by keyworkers across a whole range of sectors, particularly in our schools where there has been significant disruption. We do not and should not underestimate the stress and pressure that many are now working under – we encourage our churches to find appropriate avenues through which to express appreciation and support.

Many who regularly attend and comprise our churches are working in these key professions. They share stories of immense commitment, fortitude and genuine hope, but also bear testimony to the human cost of maintaining these vital services. Many are working long hours under constantly changing circumstances and are often exposed to the threat of infection while also seeing colleagues becoming ill.

First and foremost, this requires us to live and act responsibly, to do all we can to reduce the risk and spread of infection, and to support keyworkers by recognising the pressure under which they are operating. This will disrupt all of our routines and generate stress and anxiety for everyone. Now more than ever, we need to take to heart the New Testament invitation to “value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” (Philippians 2:3-4) These words are inspired by nothing less than the example of Jesus himself.

Alongside this, we encourage our churches to intentionally and continually pray for all those who work in hospitals, hospice, care homes and so on. We offer this is a starting point and encourage that this is expanded to recognise and include other key workers and vital service providers over the coming days and weeks. In particular we encourage you to:

Deliberately focus on your local hospitals, G.P.’s, ambulance service and other key healthcare providers. Take time to recognise them and include prayers for them in your online services and shared bulletins.

Make contact to let these providers know that you are praying for them – A simple card or email to share your prayerful commitment can be a message of encouragement and hope.

Keep in touch with key-workers in your own congregation or contact network. This is something that everyone can do, and a quick call, voicemail or text to simply assure them of your prayers and concern can make a difference.

Maintain this commitment. Don’t just make this a one-off response, but stay aware of the key developments and pressures, continue to pray and as we suggested above, broaden your prayer focus to recognise other key workers and service providers – along with those whose businesses and livelihoods are threatened by continuing lockdown. We would encourage that you particularly identify, recognise and engage with those located in your immediate neighbourhoods.

We recognise the significance of our calling to be a people of prayer, as we seek to embrace present realities as those whose faith and hope is rooted in God. Our Scriptures repeatedly remind us that our faith should be rooted in behaviours and actions that reflect its true meaning and worth. So we make no apology for repeating the call for our churches to do all they can to encourage responsible and supportive citizenship across our communities – and we do so as a people of prayer.                                                                                                                      North Western Baptist Association – January 2021

B.U. Prayer Broadcasts (posted15.10.20)

You might find it helpful taking time out to join weekly prayer broadcasts that take place at 7pm each Wednesday evening. These are a great opportunity to spend time in prayer with fellow Baptists from across the country, led by a variety of people from across the Baptist family.

Prayer Requests

Remember to log in to the Members Area for updated Prayer requests.  If you cannot rember your log in name contact Lynne Frost for your log in Name. You can then reset your password on the website.  Lynne does not have access to anyones passwords.



Posted 3.4.20  Remember to log in to the members area to access the prayer page.  If you cannot remember your user name, contact Lynne.  She will give you the user name and then you can log in like any other website.  If you cannot remember your password, go to "forgot password".  Lynne does  NOT have access to your passwords!

Friday morning prayers for Prudhoe and the Tyne Valley (posted 27/03/20)

I've shared a few times about the encouraging ecumenical prayer group that meets every Friday morning at 8.30 am to pray for Prudhoe and the Tyne valley. This is now meeitng on-line via Zoom, coordinated by Paul Revill. If you are now at home on Friday mornings and would like to join us, pass your email adress to Paul and he'll put you on the circulation list!

Poem by Debby Henderson (posted 19/03/20)

Debby felt this was inspired by the Lord and is posted here to encourage us!

A Pandemic has hit our lands,
People are worried, Scarred with fear,
Many will die, the pain of loved ones so dear.

But amidst the darkness a light appears!

Can we see the Love of all he teaches?
The beauty as he lingers near.
The world must change!
Love must be pure!
Our lives belong to him.

Death is but a new beginning
to be with the Lord above.
Our destiny from birth
If we live his truth.

Please see the Church Policies Page for updated Covid-19 Communication 17.03.2020. We will be adding much more news over the coming days.

We want to keep all channels of communication open in this difficult time and Pete is in numerous discucussions on how we can use Skype, Zoom etc to meet together while social distancing at home!  More information will be released as decisions are made and prayerfully considered.

We are setting up a prayer page in the members area with info on members of our congregation with the Covoid-19 virus or other significant illnesses. For obvious reasons this cannot be on the public part of the site, but will enable all of us to pray for each other (if you have forgotten your log In details, Lynne can give you your Username so you can reset your password on the front page of the website).

When self-isolating or social distancing it is good to have a strategy for each day, and not give in to binge watching Netflix!  This is an opportunity to use our time well and invest in our spiritual lives. Some ideas:

1. Invest in God's Word and your Prayer life.

2. Telephone people (yes old fashioned, but is is good to hear people's voices).

3. Have a daily routine and put structure in to your life

4. Incorporate a daily walk to keep fit and get fresh air.  (Keeping away from other people of course)

5. Use Social Media to honour God and see who we can reach out to in this time.  We see many photos of empty shelves and false news, so  let us flood social media with photos which show good things and news that may be balm to the soul.