Puzzling Questions

Puzzling Questions?



If there is a God, where is he and what is he doing? At different times of life we all ask the bigger questions, and now may well be one of them.

Puzzling questions is a free course, aimed at helping people explore spirituality for themselves. It involves a weekly 30 minute video and then discussion around the week’s theme. It’s entertaining, informal and hopefully fun too! Although we’d normally do this in our church building, this year we’ll be doing it on-line. The six sessions cover questions like:

  • Who am I?
  • If God exists, what is God like?
  • What happens after I die?
  • How can I be happy?
  • Why is there suffering in the world?
  • How can spirituality positively impact my life?

There is also room to ask other questions. The course runs over 6 Thursday nights from 8.00-9.30pm on-line from 4th June to 9th July. If you have any queries, or wish to confirm you’d like to be part of Puzzling Questions, then please send an email to enquiriesstocksfieldbc@gmail.com. We can then answer your query or provide you with the on-line details and links nearer the time.