Believer's baptism is a special moment in someone's journey of faith and something to celebrate!  Baptism is a sign of being serious about your relationship with God and following Jesus. In the Bible, Peter says that all believers should be baptised (Acts 2v38).

Before baptism the minister, or one of the leaders, meets with an individual to explain fully what baptism is and make sure that they are ready. We have a baptism pool (heated!!) but some choose to be baptised in the river Tyne down the road. 

The person being baptised normally shares their faith story before entering the pool, answering some important questions and is then baptised by the minister or others.  The water symbolises cleansing. As the person goes under the water and is brought back up this symbolises dying to their old life, and being given a new life with Jesus as Lord.

Testimony by Hannah Parker


"I decided to be Baptised after coming home from camp that summer (Step Out 2014), and knowing I wanted to take the next step in my faith, declaring my faith more publicly. I chose to be baptised in the river as it was something different but it was also the way Jesus did it."

Lynda Telford's baptism