Testimony - Jill Willett

I was dedicated as a baby at Stocksfield on 28th October 1962 by Rev. Goodall, who was the minister at the time. I went to the Sunday School throughout my childhood. In 1975 there was an event called 'Come Alive in '75', when an American evangelism team came to the church and stayed with our family. Sharon, a member of the team staying with us, was ill in bed, and when my sister Helen and I went up to see her, she talked to us about Jesus and asked us if we'd ever asked him into our lives. We both knelt by the bed and gave our hearts to the Lord. In 1977 I was baptised - on my 15th birthday. Between then and 1999, when I left to train to be a Baptist minister, Stocksfield was a consistent part of my life and my walk with God.

There were times when we really experienced God's presence in a powerful way. We had all night prayer meetings and early morning prayer meetings - prayer was very much a feature of our lives together in those days. There were times when we experienced the Holy Spirit's anointing in such a way that you really didn't want to miss any meeting, in case you missed out on what God was doing. We had fellowship suppers, on a Saturday evening, when we used to invite other churches to join us. We ate and we also had times of worship and ministry that were powerful.

There were also many entertaining times. As a child, I used to get bored during the services, so I used to sing every other word in the hymns, to make it more interesting. I once sang in a very loud voice, 'While shepherds washed their socks by night' - I'd been singing it at home and forgot myself. It caused much amusement to all except me - I was mortified. I have many, many happy memories of Stocksfield, and many amongst you who I count a privilege to call my friends. Through it all, God has been faithful.

Jill is now serving as a Baptist minister in Coalville, Leicestershire.

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