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Ever wondered what being a Christian is all about?

Alpha is an opportunity for anyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed small group setting - ask anything you like and say anything you like. Discuss your own beliefs and make new friends as we eat, laugh and talk together about the big issues of life.

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What are we all about?

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We are a Christian church, and so we believe that Jesus Christ was God's son, God come to earth in human form. He lived the perfect life, to show us in flesh and blood what God is like. He healed the sick, he raised dead people back to life, he taught with authority — and his teaching still today is regarded even beyond the church as the pinnacle of moral wisdom. He also cared for the outcasts and vulnerable in his community, and invited all to participate in God's Kingdom, a Kingdom not limited to particular place in time, but the manifestation of God's presence, love , power and life in this world.

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Jesus made many enemies, especially amongst the political and religious powers of his day. He was arrested, given a staged trial and executed by crucifixion, a death which the Romans reserved for the worst criminals and rebels. However, as Christians we believe that Jesus' death wasn't some tragic mistake or accident, but that it was all God's plan, to deal with the darkness, wickedness and evil of the human race. While Jesus was upon the cross, crying out in spiritual and physical agony, he was taking upon himself the evil and wickedness of all the generations, past, present and future, so that they could be paid for and so that we could receive God's forgiveness and be free to be reconciled to him. Jesus death opens up the way for us to be brought into peace with God, with one another, with our world and ourselves.

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The cross isn't the end of the story. If it was, Jesus would merely be another great historical figure but of little relevance today. Instead, incredibly, he was raised back to life a couple of days later. His followers met him alive and were transformed from a frightened bunch of dispirited cowards to bold evangelists who proclaimed his resurrection to everyone they met. Jesus had conquered death itself and was alive for ever — and proved himself to be just what he claimed, God's own Son.

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With all Christians we believe that Jesus is still alive and present with us this day, and that by his Spirit he communicates to us, answers our prayers and empowers us for daily living. All people can experience the life and power of God through turning away from the wickedness and evil in their own life and trusting in Jesus' death and resurrection. The new life and forgiveness that God gives us through Jesus enables us to be transformed as people, to be healed inwardly, to fulfil our potential as human beings and to experience a richness and fullness of life which continues even beyond death. It also means being part of God's plan to transform this world, so that evil and darkness everywhere are conquered by God's goodness and life. We think this is so exciting that it's worth telling you about!


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